Satisfied clients have continuously provided insight into why Network Solutions of Wisconsin is the top choice for professional IT services in the region. Our speed of service, friendly, professional approach, business continuity provisions, disaster recovery, and new systems implementation have been consistently praised by clients over the years.


“We have not had to experience any downtime because of your proactive approach. This in turn makes our business run with more reliability and stability.”

Deborah A. Foral,

Ensuring that your systems are operational and optimized is our primary concern. Through careful analysis, we predict problem areas and solve them before they occur. The way we see it, If we do our job right, you won’t even know we did it. Ms. Foral feels the same:

“Due to our all-inclusive program, we usually find out about any issues after they have been fixed.”


In a world of uncertainty, being prepared makes the difference. Whatever might happen, we have proven solutions and methods to backup to protect you. In any emergency situation, your vital data is best when backed up with Network Solutions of Wisconsin.

“In the event of a disaster, network solutions has implemented a business continuity solution that regularly backs up our system and helps us retrieve our data if the need arises. Overall, we are a very satisfied customer and appreciate our strong business relationship.”

Deborah A. Foral,


Humanizing the IT experience through friendly professionals makes our business more than just a provided service. Network Solutions builds relationships based on trust, reliability, and a pleasant manner that ensures a personal touch. Just ask Jo-Lea Binger, Systems Manager, Dental Clinic of Marshfield:

“The help desk support we receive is friendly, professional, efficient and reliable. The knowledge base and experience of the help desk support consistently provide us with positive results.”


As business changes and grows, your IT needs will diversify. Whether new business goals require getting in new systems, or expansions demand a reworking of your current networks, or you are merely due an upgrade, we can help. More than just installing software and hardware, we provide the guidance that will ease the process and lead you and your people to the next level of production and efficiency.

“Network Solutions of Wisconsin successfully guided us through transitions in our information technology, bringing us to the level of security and support we needed…. NSI’s professionalism and responsiveness are greatly appreciated.”

Mary S Rogers,
City of Marion

As these satisfied testimonials prove, people benefit from partnering with Network Solutions of Wisconsin. Contact us today to join the ever-growing community of satisfied and successful businesses who rely on the professional, precision support that we deliver.